Founded in 2007, DutchMotionWorks is owned and operated by Yuri Kneppers.

Born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on the 11th of November 1976.

Studied interactive media at the Dutch Film & Television Academy in Amsterdam.

Was a freelance desiger, animator, cameraman, director and editor on the island

of Curaçao for 3 years, later in Tuscany, Italy for 2 years.


Studied 3D design at Arcadia Studio’s in Arezzo, Italy. Also owns Sophistic8 Design

for webdesign, graphic design & visualisation.


Loves making music: plays piano, guitar & drums or creates electronic music on computer.

Loves life, nature, design, beauty, photography, filmography, sports, travelling, art.

Loves peace, freedom, humor, dancing, animals, food, architecture, his wife and 2 kids.